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Oak Park Forest Park

Oak Park forest Park is a mature, mixed species woodland of over 120 acres with a predominance of beech, oak, scots pine, silver fir, larch and sycamore. Boasting a rich diversity of wildlife, the lakes and their surrounds provide a habitat for swans and ducks, while the islands shelter many wild and game birds. Extending over four kilometres the walks include Butlers Wood Loop (700 metres), the Lake Path (800 metres), Fox Covert Track (1,100 metres) and Sally Island Trail (1,700 metres).

Facilities include universally accessible playground, outdoor exercise equipment, outdoor picnic tables, wheelchair accessible walkways and toilets, large car park, bat sanctuary and bird-watching area.

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Carlow Town Park

The most popular city park in Carlow is Carlow Town Park covering over twelve hectares of open space on the banks of the River Barrow. The location of the park in this place contributed to the development and regeneration of this part of the town, and in particular allowed to discover the advantages of the Barrow River. The most characteristic part of Carlow Town Park is the children’s playground whose project design was the subject of an international competition.

The park provides a great place to relax but also gives you the opportunity to admire the rowing regattas organized by the Carlow Rowing Club, taken place in June each year.