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Royal Oak Distillery

Visitors to The Royal Oak Distillery can relax in a sylvan setting while learning about Irish whiskey distilling by interacting directly with our team of local distillers. These craftsmen expertly distil each batch of new make spirit that will ultimately become our premium whiskey for enjoyment. Smelling and tasting whiskey at various stages of its development is part of what is an immersive experience that extends to the grounds of the Royal Oak estate.

Visitors can stroll around the grounds and take in our ongoing renovation of the estate’s original centrepiece, Holloden House. This stately home was built in circa 1755, some four years before the legendary Guinness brewery at Saint James’ Gate in Dublin. It also predates the French revolution, American independence, the births of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Jane Austen and the establishment of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Dating from this era of Emperors and Royalty goes someway to explaining why the renovation will ultimately cost a King’s ransom when completed several years from now!

The distillery is dedicated to the production of premium handcrafted Irish whiskeys. It is unique as the only distillery in Ireland where all three forms of Irish whiskey (pot still, malt and grain) are distilled in the same still room. The distillery is manually controlled so that the spirit it produces is guided by the expertise of our team of local distillers. It is one of the largest distilleries in Ireland capable of producing 650,000 cases or 8 million bottles of whiskey a year.

Come to Royal Oak Distillery where centuries of history rhyme with the hope of a new era.

The doors are open to visitors for personal tours of the distillery, one of the largest in Ireland, where our team of local distillers will demonstrate how we are unique in producing all types of Irish whiskey (pot still, malt and grain) in the one still house and using mainly manual controls.

Facilities include: Whiskey Academy, Whiskey Tours, Shop, Picnic Area, Access to parkland, Wheelchair Access.

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Carlow Brewing Company

The Carlow Brewing Company, established by the O’Hara family in 1996, is considered a pioneer in the Irish craft brewing movement aiming to revive a local brewing tradition lost for over 150 years. Now Ireland’s leading Craft Brewery, the O’Hara’s range is exported to over 25 countries.

Passionate about preserving the traditional heritage and flavours unique to Ireland, the team at Carlow Brewing are continually inspired to develop new speciality beers, using the highest quality fresh, natural and, where possible, local ingredients. The O’Hara’s range of award winning beers have been critically acclaimed both at home and internationally claiming the following accolades; Bronze Medal winner at inaugural Dublin Craft Beer Cup in 2013 for O’Hara’s Stout. Bronze Medal Winner at The Great International Beer Festival – Rhode Island, 2014 for O’Hara’s Red Ale. Gold Medal winner at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup in 2013. Silver Medal Winner at European Beer Star Award 2015. Gold Medal winner at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup in 2013. Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged Irish craft beer award 2015 for Leann Folláin.

In 2016, Carlow Brewing Company will open the old Dunleckney Maltings, a building that has been integrally linked to the Irish brewing sector for over 200 years. Guided tours will tell the unique story of Carlow Brewing, the brewing heritage of the area and provide opportunities to meet the producers, to taste the beers and participate in demonstrations.

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