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23 March 2009

Salmon EnCroute

Salmon EnCroute

Nice Idea for Dinner on Good Friday


Salmon Wrapped in filo pastry

The Ingredients
6oz Salmon fillet
1oz Philadelphia cream cheese
1oz Butter
3sheets Filo pastry
3sticks asparagus

  • Cook the 3 sticks of asparagus in boiling water for 3mins take out and cool in cold running water.
  • Chop the tips of asparagus into small pieces and mix with the Philadelphia cream cheese. Melt the butter in a microwave.
  • Lay out one sheet of the filo pastry on a damp tea towel then paint the melted butter on to it and repeat with the other sheets
  • Then fold the filo in half.
  • Place the seasoned salmon fillet on one end of the filo pastry and add the cream cheese mix on top.
  • Fold the two ends of the pastry on to the salmon then roll pastry on to the salmon making sure that the cream cheese mix is on the top when you finished rolling
  • Cook in a hot oven at 180c for 20mins serve with baby boiled potatoes and tossed mixed salad              

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