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Suggest Touring Routes in Carlow

Carlow Trail of the Saints

(Carlow) Trail of the Saints is made up of Separate driving routes which between them cover the entire County of Carlow and feature 51 ecclesiasticall attractions. Many are of national significance include the Romanesque Door Way at Killeshin, the medieval Cathedral of Old Leighlin and the monastic site of St. Mullins.

Gordon Bennett Route

Let Gordon Bennett Route take you on an historic journey across spectacular Irish countryside and into the picturesque towns and villages of counties Kildare, Carlow and Laois in the heart of Ireland. While the famous Gordon Bennett Route was raced by the world's greatest daredevils at record-breaking speeds in 1903, we suggest you set yourself a much easier pace. Relax, get your motor running and follow gently in the footsteps of our motoring pioneers taking time to enjoy many of Ireland's best-loved vistior attractions and breathtaking scenery along the way.

Indentifiable road signs make the Gordon Bennett Route an easy-to-follow tour through one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland offering a unique insight into the lives, atmosphere and sheer adrenalin behind the historic car race that roared across this 166 km (104 mile) route. There is plenty to see and do along the Gordon Bennett Route for all the family, for motoring enthusiasts and for motor club members alike.

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